Situational Handicaps And Their Role In Betting

The recent world cup was a roller coaster ride Get Started

Roller Coaster

The recent world cup was a roller coaster ride of sorts with all the top teams getting systematically eliminated and some minnows making it to the last eight and Russia even making it to the final four.


The adrenalin rush that one feels during the viewing of the match is to be experienced and cannot be described in words; fans take wins and losses very personally.


Several fans and bettors have lost several thousands of dollars on betting on the final results because the nature of the game is such that it is so unpredictable.


There are several strategies adopted by bettors to make profits but despite the best efforts sometimes things go wrong because it is not just the form of the team but other factors that determine the final result. One aspect of betting that every bettor must take into consideration before wagering is situational handicaps. This is one strategy that is often undervalued by many bettors and there are others who do not understand it at all.

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01. What is situational handicap betting?

Have you ever wondered why your favorite team failed or an underdog shone in a particular match despite the stronger team having world class players and sometimes even the best player in the world?

02. Skills

So, what actually happens is that often teams are overwhelmed with several other factors besides their skills. Thus, situational handicap betting is one such strategy that tries to identify situations or circumstances

03. Team

That can undermine a team’s performance and influence the result of the game. In this strategy, you focus less on stats and more on human elements and circumstances revolving around the game.

Playing conditions

Not all players perform well under all circumstances. Often weather, stadium ambiance, and playing surface play a major role in deciding the outcome of a game. Even the time of day a game is scheduled will play a major role in the way a team performs. Then when games are scheduled for national holidays the audience is more and this adds extra pressure on the players. And also, the crowd behavior during a game can distract the players and sometimes teams lose their rhythm and face defeat.


Human nature is such that once you taste success you want to go for it and will push yourself to achieve it at all costs. That is why teams that are on a winning streak continue to do well and similarly, teams on the losing side are low on morale and continue to perform badly.

Uncomfortable travel schedules

With sport gaining prominence and more and more tournaments being organized on a frequent basis, players are often subject to deadly travel routines which often deprive them of the much-needed rest and adequate sleep as they travel across varying time zones. The human body is but a machine and at one point it will protest and this will be seen with a fall in performance.

Previous meetups

Sport is as much a mental game as it is physical. Any previous meetup between two teams will play a major role in the current performance. If one team is out to get revenge they will be motivated to excel and at the same time if they have suffered a crushing defeat they will be intimidated even before the game has begun.

Will the result effect playoff?

When two teams are playing for a spot in the final four or eight, there is too much at stake and the game will be played at a different level; but if only one team has to gain the game will be played differently.

Player injuries

When key players in a team get injured it not only affects the team morale but it will also decide how the game will eventually shape up. And also, when players return after a long break due to injury they will be nervous and might not be at their best.

Parting thoughts

Despite the most advanced technology employed by bookmakers and statisticians, nobody can predict accurately the result of any game in any sport unless it is the most obvious one. But by paying heed to situational handicap, bettors can get a fair idea of how the odds are placed and which would be the best line to adopt and where their money should be placed. Individuals react differently and sometimes those who are expected to be down can raise from the ashes and rule the roost. Therefore, always keep all your cards on the table and then take an informed decision.